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Hola Peru

A small group of students will Spring Break in Peru to learn about global leadership and the Peruvian culture.

Fourth medical school dean candidate emphasizes diversity, college integration

Dr. Anne Mosenthal said her ideas would provide students with skills they wouldn't receive at a traditional medical school.

Third medical school dean candidate focused on clinic experiences, diverse curriculum

Dr. Marc Kahn said his idea for a longitudinal continuity clinic would give students the chance to follow patients throughout their entire hospital visits.

Second medical school dean candidate talks contextualizing care in medicine

Dr. Saul Weiner spoke to TCU faculty and students on Wednesday about his plan for the joint medical school. The next candidate will speak Jan. 21.

First of 4 candidates for deanship of medical school holds open...

Dr. Stuart Flynn spoke to TCU faculty and students on Tuesday, and the other three candidates will arrive next week.

Support group offers comfort to students in recovery

Research shows that 1 in 4 college students meet the medical standards for substance abuse.
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