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States consider restoring voting rights to felons

Florida's new voting laws could spark changes in upcoming election processes.

What we’re reading: Trump’s calling the nominees

President Trump announced his nominees for UN ambassador and attorney general, Tillerson speaks out and Comey testifies.

What we’re reading: Trump, Putin, Cohen…the list goes on

Michael Cohen pleads guilty, Trump calls him a liar, Affordable Care Act under threat and much more.

What we’re reading: Trump, the midterms, and more Trump

Today we've got the hacking of a social media account, sanctions to take effect on Iran, and a conversation between Trump and China.

Megyn Kelly under criticism after defending blackface

Megyn Kelly is facing some heat after a comment about the practice of blackface.

Election essentials prep course preview

Students, faculty and staff can attend a midterm election preparation course.

What we’re reading: Delivery

Suspicious packages, border control issues, Trump and election day information are breaking news today.

Have no fear, poll watchers are here

Poll watchers seem to play more of an integral role in the election process than ever before.

The politics of Hollywood

With the Emmy's, AMA's and the upcoming People's Choice Awards, political influence on award shows is becoming a prominent topic of discussion.

Tuesday is the last day to register to vote

The window to register for the 2018 midterm election is getting smaller. Learn what you need to do for your vote to count.

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