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Camilla Price

I'm a junior studying biology and journalism, and I believe everyone can make a difference for wildlife. I wear pink, bleed purple and live green. Ask me about okapi and let me know your ideas for making TCU greener.

Environmental spotlight: Explaining the twin threats facing shark and ray populations...

Global shark and ray populations have plummeted 71% in the past 50 years as overfishing increased 18-fold.

Experts share strategies for sustainability during the holidays

Students can help their communities and the planet with eco-friendly shopping this season.

Lights Out Texas: Darkened skies protect migratory birds this fall

Light pollution is the third-largest cause of death for North American birds.

Physician declares climate change a ‘medical emergency’ in Friday Focus talk

Dr. Mark Dambro, who recently completed Al Gore's climate training course, said human health is at risk from global warming.
clothing on a rack at eco-fashion store Tribe Alive

Second-Hand September: Clothing outlets encourage eco-friendly fashion

Fast fashion harms workers and drains environmental resources, but sustainability is trending.

TCU Rhino Initiative Club plans screening, giveaways for World Rhino Day

The club hopes to raise awareness of the rhino poaching crisis, as three rhinos are killed every day for their horns.

Sustainability committee’s new website promotes green initiatives

The TCU Sustainability Committee worked with ROXO to create a website detailing sustainability efforts on campus.

How students can prevent food waste

Students can make a difference by only taking the food that they are going to eat.

TCU students can prevent deforestation from palm oil

Choosing candy with sustainable palm oil can prevent rainforest deforestation.
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