Cristian Arguetasoto

Cristian is a senior Journalism major and Senior Visual Editor at TCU360. In his free time, Cristian likes to explore new subjects and locations to photograph. His passions are photography and telling stories of unheard populations and experiences.

Black, Latinx communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19

Black and Latinx communities in the U.S. are experiencing more cases, deaths, and fewer recoveries than affluent white communities.

Civil rights protesters gather by the thousands despite an active pandemic

On May 25, 2020, a Minneapolis resident was killed by police officers who were called on a suspected forgery case. The murder...

On-campus response to severe weather alerts

Severe weather is expected in the Metroplex late Wednesday night.

Spectrum’s ‘A Night of Drag’ sets a high bar for future...

The drag show had a crowd of more than 350 people Monday night.

Spectrum has big visions for A Night of Drag

'A Night of Drag' will feature three drag queens with all proceeds benefitting LGBTQ S.A.V.E.S.

Second sighting of police officer impersonator happens near TCU

The Fort Worth police department is currently investigating two cases involving a police officer impersonator; the most recent of which was near TCU.

What we’re reading: Trump v. Cohen

We’re back and we’re reading - everything from the “Daily Beast” to “The Huffington Post.” We’re trying to help you keep up...

First-year commuter students’ experiences at TCU

First-year commuter students have a completely different college experience than on-campus residents.

Highlights from TCU basketball’s purple vs. white scrimmage

TCU Men's Basketball had their second annual Frog Army Scrimmage Friday.

Highlights from Thursday’s battle against Texas Tech

The Horned Frogs fell to the Red Raiders Thursday night, 17-14.

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