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Chris Garcia

Chris Garcia is a senior film and journalism double major from Midland, Texas. When he's not working on student media's newest podcasts, he can be found watching the latest releases at the closest theater.

TCU VGP (Ep. 21 – Console exclusives, Destiny 2 reveal and...

This week, we discuss everything Destiny related as well as our thoughts on exclusives in the game industry. We also talk about recent developments regarding Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Battlefront 2 and Injustice 2.

“Power Rangers” is a mighty good time

The adaptation punches past the competition

Sizzle Reel (Ep. 20 – Iron Fist, Reboots and more)

This week, we discuss the wave of announcements regarding franchise reboots, as well as our Iron Fist and Legion impressions. We also talk about recent developments regarding Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Rogue One, Power Rangers and Netflix’s April releases.

TCU VGP (Ep. 20 – Mass Effect, Destiny and more)

This week, we discuss the “hype train” and how it impacts games, as well as Mass Effect Andromeda impressions and new Destiny 2 info. We also talk about recent developments regarding For Honor, the Sims 4, Radiant Historia, Persona 5 and more.

“Beauty and the Beast” dances into mediocre territory

The Disney remake fails to find it’s magic.

“Kong: Skull Island” is a colossal amount of fun

The action-adventure offers a new spin on an old favorite.

“Logan” claws its way above expectations

The comic book film takes a more mature turn

Sizzle Reel (Ep. 19 – YouTube TV, Oscars Aftermath and more)

This week we discuss the aftermath of the Oscars and YouTube’s TV plans. We also talk about recent developments regarding Deadpool 2, Dunkirk, the X-Men TV show, Tron 3 and more.

TCU VGP (Ep. 19 – Xbox Game Pass, Horizon Impressions and...

Join Hank Kilgore, Chris Garcia and Will Konig as they discuss what’s new in the gaming world from announcements to releases. This week we discuss Xbox’s newly announced game pass, Overwatch’s newest hero and our Horizon: Zero Dawn impressions.

“Get Out” is a hypnotically good horror film

The horror blends dread and laughter in the best way

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