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Chris Garcia

Chris Garcia is a senior film and journalism double major from Midland, Texas. When he's not working on student media's newest podcasts, he can be found watching the latest releases at the closest theater.

“Blair Witch” takes too many wrong turns

The horror sequel has new ideas, but is ultimately lost in the woods.

TCU VGP (Ep. 03 – Tokyo Game Show, Favorite gaming moments...

This week, we talk about recent news from Tokyo Game Show, our favorite gaming moments of all time and more.

“Sully” flies but never soars

Clint Eastwood's newest film featured some turbulence.

Sizzle Reel (Ep. 01 – DCEU, Harry Potter and more)

This week, we talk about the latest news from Marvel and DC, a possible new Potter trilogy and the movies we’re looking forward to the most this fall. We also talk about updates on the Avatar sequels and the Divergent series.

TCU VGP (Ep. 02 – Playstation 4 Pro, Infinite Warfare and...

On this week’s episode, we discuss Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro reveal and Infinite warfare vs. Battlefield 1 multiplayer. We also look at Nintendo’s mobile plan and a few new bits of info regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda.

TCU VGP (Ep. 01 – Consoles, Remasters and Basics)

Join Will Konig, Hank Kilgore and Chris Garcia as they discuss what’s new in the gaming world from announcements to releases.

SGA asks students what changes they want on campus

The Student Government Association held Outreach Day to improve communication with students.

Student organization holds discussion on the “n-word”

E.Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y looked at the meaning, history and cultural context behind the word.

Choirs combine for Christmas concert

Multiple choirs put on a Christmas concert last Monday night to a full crowd.

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