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Fort Worth Music Festival

Fortress Festival is coming to Fort Worth April 27 and 28.

Never too young to make an impact

A 12-year-old boy helps hundreds of people around the world receive hearing aids.

Eco-Friendly hair salons look to encourage others to help the environment

Locally owned hair salons across the country are working towards creating a more environmentally friendly beauty industry.

Study abroad adds Stellenbosch, South Africa to its list of destinations

TCU is now offering a study abroad program in Stellenbosch, South Africa for Spring 2019. Stellenbosch is located in South Africa's Western Cape Province, just outside of Cape Town. 

GrandMarc lottery leaves some students upset

TCU made a lottery to determine who could live where for on-campus housing. Many students were left upset because they did not get the on-campus apartments in the GrandMarc complex.

Parking lot behind Moudy closes for construction, new lot opens on...

The parking lot located east of the Moudy building has closed due to the installation of construction fencing.

Construction causes some Greek housing residents to walk farther distances to...

Construction blocking the walkway in between Pamela and Edward Clark and Marion Halls is increasing the commute time for some students.

Remodeled sorority housing aims for ‘feels like home’ vibes

About three years ago, TCU proposed the new Greek Village Concept to the Sororities and Fraternities at TCU with the option for upgrades to purchase and personalize their houses with design elements.

TCU offers spring break trips focused on cultural education, giving back

Heading to the beach is not the only option for spring breakers thanks to the TCU sponsored trips.

Business school construction causing confusion for some students

Construction put on the Neeley School of Business has caused confusion due to the relocation of classrooms.
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