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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Drew Herschmann

Drew is a senior communications major with minors in journalism and psychology. He is a reporter that covers crime and public for TCU 360. He is from Houston, Texas and you can find him anywhere you can find queso.

Storms on the way to the DFW

The already battered DFW area could be in for another round of hail coming in this afternoon.

Cavins-Tull: TCU Alert worked

TCU Alert gave students an early wake-up call, but the system worked as expected.

Tesla gallery opens in University Park Village

Tesla Motor Gallery held its grand opening in University Park Village from Friday to Sunday, expanding the electric car market in Fort Worth.

Faculty Senate discusses keeping football games on Saturdays

The TCU faculty senate debated a recommendation Thursday that would advise against scheduling Thursday night games, but the senate will revisit the issue in March.

Mike Freeze attends tryout for junior college baseball team

Mike Freeze, who started at linebacker for TCU in the season opener against Minnesota, is no longer enrolled at TCU.

Faculty Senate votes against guns on campus

Faculty Senate voted against campus carry at its meeting Thursday, with only three senators supporting campus carry on TCU's campus.
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