Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell is executive editor of TCU 360 and a senior journalism and political science double major. When not in the newsroom, she's thinking about the news while probably watching TCU football or being a history nerd. Send her a tip if you have a story to share!

Sizzle Reel Season 2 Episode 4

Kingsman 2 Review

WATCH: Chancellor talks Lead On Campaign, convocation speech, DACA

Chancellor Boschini sits down with our executive editor to discuss the state of TCU.

Congressman comes to campus to talk policy, inspire civic engagement

Rep. Beto O'Rourke continues his underdog campaign to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz.

TCU Police are being ‘extra vigilant’ following attack of woman on...

[vimeo 234901749 w=640 h=360] TCU Police are coordinating with Fort Worth Police on a search for a man who they said attacked a jogger Saturday...

Sizzle Reel Season 2 Episode 3

Will Konig and Elizabeth Campbell discuss and review mother!

Sizzle Reel Season 2 Episode 2

A look at Stephen Kings "IT"

Frogs on the east coast brace for Hurricane Irma impact

Irma could make landfall as a Category 5 storm.

Sizzle Reel Season 2 Episode 1

We talk about summer movies and our upcoming plans for the podcast.

Move to end DACA is met with protest

More than 100 people gathered in front of Sadler to hear people talk about DACA.

Fill ups, frustrations, not enough fuel

Hurricane Harvey shuts down Texas refineries, causing a supply disruption to the North Texas area.

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