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Grace Amiss is a senior journalism major and managing editor for TCU360. When she is not reporting she is most likely raving about her golden retriever or taking a spin class. Grace is currently writing about student life at TCU, so feel free to drop her a line if you come across a story you feel is worth sharing!

TCU cancels offer to trade tickets for canned food

TCU Police Department took back the offer to trade canned food for citation forgiveness.

Revamped enrollment process confuses some students

Construction hasn't been the only change on campus.

TCU staff get a second shot at an education

Some of TCU's staff members are working toward getting their GED.

TCU fights Texas’ increased opioid use on homefront

The project focuses on preventing opioid use among justice-involved youth as they transition to adulthood.

Fort Worth looking beyond books as it adds libraries

In efforts to stay relevant in a social media age, some libraries are turning to alternative ways to get citizens reading -- e-books.

New year, same problem: Parking pains for commuters

Many commuter students have voiced concerns about parking, but the university has no plans to add additional lots.

Tips on offering servings of politics and opinions at the holiday...

Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or surrounded by people who actively voice an opinion different than your own, there is no doubt that having conversations about sensitive subjects can be challenging.

What we’re reading: There’s a first for everything

Today we’ve got an update on the Arizona Senate race, a new candidate for the 2020 presidency and an update on the California fire. 

Every vote counts this midterm season

Fort Worth voters share what brought them to the polls this midterm election.

What we’re reading: The return of Clinton…maybe

We’re back and we’re reading – everything from “ABC News” to “BBC News.” We’re trying to help you keep up with the rapid pace...

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