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Fine arts students struggle with the hidden costs behind their degree

TCU fine arts students talked about all that comes with pursuing a career in the arts.

Leveling the playing field: TCU’s new way to admit fine arts...

TCU's College of Fine Arts has been forced to make changes to their admissions process, but these new changes could help prospective students in the long run.

What we’re reading: Vice presidential debate tonight, Tanglewood schools move to...

Tanglewood-area schools transition back to in-person learning for all grades, and the only Vice Presidential debate kicks off tonight.

TCU celebrates its 148th convocation

Chancellor Boschini shared his aspirations for the academic year alongside several members of the TCU community.

Student Development Services helps transfers adjust during pandemic

More than 400 students transferred to TCU this year, and some challenges have arisen as they transition during a pandemic.
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