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JD Pells

JD is a journalism major at TCU from Maui, HI. When he isn't too busy studying, he's jamming out or daydreaming about sunset surf sessions.

Paddle-out in Maui honors Floyd, other black lives

People in Maui participated in a paddle-out to honor those killed in acts of racism or police brutality.

Living on campus during a pandemic

Multiple TCU students are still on campus living in university housing amid safety concerns about traveling home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The journey home for international students

COVID-19 induced travel-bans and restrictions made the journey home daunting and stressful for some international students. Click here or the photo below to read the...

What we’re reading: Tornado death toll rises, Trump meets with Taliban...

President Trump spoke with the leader of the Taliban as U.S. officials toured the Syrian-Turkey border

DFW students protest for climate action

Protesters in Fort Worth gathered Saturday to make their opinions on climate change heard and to promote legislative action.

Engineering professor dies, cause remains unknown

The cause of death remains unknown, according to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner.
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