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Kai Grady

Kai Grady is an FTDM and Journalism double-major from Arlington, Texas. He currently works at KTCU as a Hip-Hop DJ. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a career in both sports and popular culture writing.

Open House: Finale

In Kyle's final episode as host, he sits down with seniors Jack Leonhard, Paige Shiring, and Vivian Noyd, to reflect on their time in SGA and discuss what the future holds. Open House will return next semester with Maddie Raney at the helm.

Open House Episode 15: Alexis Berry

Kyle Atwood sits down with Alexis Berry, a member of the SGA Outreach Committee and she talks about her first impressions of SGA, as well as some of her involvements around campus.

Open House Episode 14: Delaina Bellows

Kyle Atwood talks with Neeley Representative and Dining Committee member, Delaina Bellows, to talk about the East Coast, great food on and off campus, and much more.

Open House Episode 13: Liliana Ogden

In the first Open House episode of 2021, Kyle Atwood talks with Liliana Ogden, the SGA Vice President.

Open House Episode 7: Alex Colig

In an interview from September, Kyle Atwood sits down with SGA's Marketing Director, Alex Colig.

Open House Episode 6: Jack Leonhard

In an interview from March 2020, Kyle Atwood talks to Jack Leonhard, Chief of Staff to the President

Open House 12: Abbie Zuhlke

Kyle Atwood talks with Abbie Zuhlke, a representative for the College of Education and this year's Dining Services chair.

Open House Episode 11: Drew Stewart

Kyle Atwood talks with Drew Stewart, the director of sustainability for SGA.

Open House Episode 10: Wyatt Waters

Kyle Atwood talks with Wyatt Waters, the AddRan representative and chief justice of the Judicial Board.

Open House Episode 9: Brandon Fox

Kyle Atwood talks with Brandon Fox, one of two representatives for the Class of 2024.
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