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Kaylee Bowers


Choosing TCU as a religious minority student

A TCU senior explains why she chose TCU as a Muslim student and what her experience has been like leading the Muslim Student Association on campus.

Bollywood cardio class spreads cultural awareness

An Indian student is using a Bollywood cardio class to spread cultural awareness.

From Muscat to Fort Worth

One TCU student is the school's first from Muscat, Oman.

Texas Frog Camps are now free for incoming students

The nine Texas camps have between 160 and 350 students and used to cost between $200 and $250.

Graduation: Looking back

Graduating seniors offered advice on enjoying the present moment.

TCU has $1 billion endowment; Congress wants to know why

Congress is looking into how TCU and 55 other private schools use their endowments of over $1 billion.

Provost says adjunct raise aligns with university goals, but won’t happen...

As the TCU administration considers increasing salaries for adjuncts, the budget will remain a reason for delay.

Options for core classes continue to expand

Two more classes were approved for the TCU Core Curriculum this semester.

Pilot for eCollege replacement starts soon

Faculty selected to participate in the new software's pilot can attend lunch meetings March 4 and March 14 to learn more.

Inside the life of an adjunct professor

Following a Faculty Senate resolution to increase pay for adjunct instructors, TCU 360 talked to an adjunct about how her role at TCU fits into her career.
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