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Kat Matthews

Kat Matthews is a managing editor for TCU360. She is an active coffee enthusiast and spends more time playing with her dog than she should. Kat also lives in the TCU Convergence Center, so if someone wanted to make her day, that someone should send a large pizza her way.

Youngest TCU Graduate to date

One TCU Senior is looking forward to Graduate School and getting his drivers license.

Seniors Speak Up about life lessons

TCU Seniors take the chance to reflect on life lessons they've learned during their time at TCU.

SGA elections: A guide to candidate platforms

Take a look at the choices for the 2017 SGA cabinet positions.
Credit: Kat Matthews

TCU’s EIF plays with real money on Wall Street

A Neeley School of Business class is getting the chance to answer the question: What would you do with one million dollars?

Student survives deadly ski accident

TCU Seniors Thomas House and Nick Boden recount Boden's near fatal skiing accident.

Spring Football Roster has new pep in its step

Two former TCU Cheerleaders decided to follow their passion for football all the way through spring tryouts.

The Senate and the House update as votes roll in

The Senate and the House update as votes roll in.

Hillary leads fourteen called states so far

An update on the election results

First three states called in 2016 election

The first three states are called in the election for the 45th president.

TCU Alpha Chi Omega raised awareness by ‘Walking A Mile’

TCU Alpha Chi Omega held an event to raise awareness about domestic violence in the U.S.

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