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Authors Posts by Kennedy Stadler

Kennedy Stadler

Kennedy Stadler is a second year student at Texas Christian University studying journalism and Spanish. Kennedy is from Danville, California and enjoys sports as well as traveling.

Fogelson Honors Forum looks to the future of higher education

Keynote speaker, Cathy Davidson, challenged the TCU community to help revolutionize higher education.

The importance of yearbooks

The TCU yearbook team is working to put together another edition of The Horned Frog, but students aren't as equally motivated to contribute to it.

Worth Hills construction moves into the next phase

Construction in Worth Hills is steadily moving along as construction workers gear up to start the next phase of the project.

10 things to know before moving into an apartment or house

Moving off of campus can be a major adjustment for students. Here's 10 things you should know before you make the move.

Renters insurance helps protect students against theft

Renters Insurance can help save students from the stress of losing their personal possessions, such as laptops, jewelry and wallets, in the event of a theft or fire.

TCU housing still facing growing pains

TCU Housing and Residence Life is facing issues accommodating first and second-year students.
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