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Sophomores scramble to find off-campus housing

With a large first-year class pushing them off-campus, sophomores may feel pressure to sign a lease earlier than necessary.
The Harrison Administration Building

New leadership on campus is around the corner

The search for a president will resume in the spring.

Destination set for new residence and dining halls

New residence halls along the east campus will house up to 500 students.

Additional housing and dining facilities to be East Campus bound

As the student population has grown, the infrastructure has struggled to keep up. TCU's Board of Trustees plans to address the issue on Friday.

TCU students work to save shelter animals in Euless

Euless shelter animals are finding new homes thanks to two business students.

A medal replaces the crown: TCU embraces gender-neutral homecoming award

The recent transition to gender-neutral language is impacting traditional homecoming awards at TCU and across the country.

Market Square navigates growing campus population and dietary demands

Market Square struggles to keep up with growing student population and dietary needs but looks to expand by 2023.

TCU under pressure to find housing solutions

Record undergraduate enrollment brings TCU a housing crisis that could last the next few years.
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