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The LEAP 10/22/20

TCU’s unscripted, pop culture talk show with lifestyle updates, celebrity gossip and today’s hot topics.
A student studies in the library while wearing a face covering.

Students adjust to Zoom classroom challenges

Technical difficulties and a longing for face to face interaction are some of the challenges students are facing this semester.
SGA held their Inauguration on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

All-woman team of student body officers makes TCU history

It is the first time in TCU's history all three officers have been female.

NFL’s first female referee: “Do what you love”

The NFL's first female referee told students at TCU about her journey.

Alum encourages donations on TCU Gives Day

A challenge donor has offered to give $100,000 to TCU if the goal of TCU Gives Day is met.

What we’re reading: Elizabeth Warren stands behind teachers on strike in...

The day after releasing a comprehensive education reform plan, Elizabeth Warren supported educators in Chicago who were striking for better pay and classroom conditions.

Birth control changes brain, women

Research psychologist and author Sarah E. Hill discussed her research on the affect of birth control on women.

Stop wasting time, start managing it

An academic coach gave students tips on managing time in college.

Career expo offers networking for students

TCU students attended the annual Career and Intern Expo to find potential career paths.

What we’re reading: Trump thwarts tax return release, U.S. cutting foreign...

President Trump is suing his long-time accounting firm to prevent his tax returns from being sent to prosecutors. (Photo courtesy of CNN)
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