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Some background on what makes TCU special and some important tips for first-year students.

Acidic: The evolution of acid wash denim

Fashion trends are ever changing, but acid wash jeans have been making a return since the 1980s.

Understanding Gen Z in the workplace

School shootings, an economic collapse and the pandemic have shaped Gen Z in ways that will likely play out in the workplace. This story is one in a series about how Generation Z functions, interacts and incites change in today's world.

The Skiff Graduation Edition: April 21, 2022

Volume 120, Issue: 25: Congratulations, graduates! Local Ukrainian potters create to cope, how to deal with stress during finals week, grad-day dining and more

The Skiff: April 14, 2022

Volume 120, Issue 24: Opening night at the Van Cliburn concert hall, baseball strives to increase attendance, Special Olympics basketball prepares for Orlando and more

The Skiff: April 7, 2022

Volume 120, Issue 23: Two residence halls coming to east campus, criminal mischief most common crime, Emmett Till's last living cousin talks reconciliation and forgiveness, and more

The Skiff: March 31, 2022

Volume 120, Issue 22: Ukrainian student helps people from her homeland, Fort Worth mayor visits campus, peer support group is improving campus mental health and more

The Skiff: March 17, 2022

Volume 120, Issue 20: Men's basketball headed to NCAA tournament, Lauren Heard talks life on and off the court, professors talk about Ukraine, astronauts talk about Columbia and more

The Skiff: March 3, 2022

Volume 120, Issue 19: TCU announces new medical school, students, faculty and staff react to new mask policy, baseball extends win streak and more

The Skiff: Feb. 24, 2022

Volume 120, Issue 18: Why young voters matter in the primary elections, Also: Impact of Words delivers smiles on sticky notes, puppy kissing booth raises funds and more
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