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Molly Jenkins

Molly Jenkins is the Associate Editor of the Skiff. She is a junior journalism major and nutrition minor from Portland, Oregon. The thing she misses the most from Oregon are Por Que No?'s Tacos.

Opinion: Why Beto O’Rourke’s campaign will end like Hillary Clinton’s

Beto O'Rourke may mobilize a few more Democrat voters than normal for Texas, but that doesn't mean he will win.

Opinion: We need to stop defining politicians simply on their public...

From 'Murica to Obama's well-mastered pauses, speech has a great influence on voter's perceptions of candidates...for better or for worse.

Opinion: Why we should focus on America’s educational system

If we are going to “make America great again” we need to focus on our education system.

Opinion: my thoughts after the Stoneman Douglas school shooting

Something must be done. But the problem is, the issue of stopping these crimes against humanity is not as black and white and we may think, or wish.

Opinion: Why I am thankful for my liberal friends, family

I think that if more people were surrounded by loved ones that thought differently than them, there would be more discussions and less yelling, more love and less hate, and more change and less backtracking.

Opinion: the Obamacare individual mandate and its inevitable end

An explanation of what is the Obamacare Individual Mandate and why it's death was a win for America.

The benefits of going to the barre

Head to the barre if you are looking for a place to unwind and shape up.

An inside look at the Latino vote

The Latino population has a change to swing the election, but will they?

The benefits of heavy bag boxing

A heavy-bag boxing workout does more for your body than just burn calories.

Profiling the disease behind the gluten-free diet

While many people are deciding to go gluten-free just for kicks, some physically can't eat gluten.
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