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Michael Rogers

Very interested in political news. Host and creator of "Polititalk" TCU's very own political news talk show, links are on Politifrog. Give it a watch! House of Cards = intellectually stimulating.

Abbey Widick shares her plans for student government

Student Body President Abbey Widick shares her plans for the year.

SGA passes bill to increase rental textbook options

With tuition increases coming next year, the newest rental provision for textbooks looks to ease the cost burden on students.

Learn the basics behind popular new game: Fortnite Battle Royale

Find out about the one video game TCU students are playing.

SGA Meeting Live Stream 3/27

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SGA pushes for a greener campus, one cup at a time

New TCU bill proposed works to reduce waste by giving 300 reusable Starbucks coffee cups to students.

SGA approves funding for self-defense keychains

The TCU House of Representatives passed funding for self-defense keychains and four other bills in the second meeting of the year.

TCU student data visualizations

An exploration of the TCU fact book presented in several data visualizations.

Brite Divinity School wants new way of thinking in Master’s program

Brite Divinity adds three news masters program.

What student engagement looks like at TCU

Putting a face to TCU student engagement.

Two students start ‘Uber for trash’ service

The service is popular with tailgaters looking to avoid a littering fine.

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