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Nia Brookins

Nia Brookins is a multimedia journalist from Fort Worth, Texas studying writing and journalism. In her free time she likes to make music and write poetry.

New university committee caters to diversity and inclusion

Chancellor Boschini emailed students about the new university-wide committee that focuses on diversity issues on campus Monday.

Provost recommends decentralized testing centers

Provost Donovan wants testing centers to stay as is.

Tuition to increase 4.9 percent next school year

Chancellor Boschini explains the reasons behind the tuition increase and what the Board of Trustees talked about in their meeting Friday.

Best-selling author tells stories at local library

Best-selling author visited a Fort Worth Library to tell readers how stories change lives Thursday night.

Student admissions process changes

The admissions center makes changes as they prepare for another incoming class of freshmen.

eSPOT questionnaire to undergo changes

The faculty senate voted to change the semesterly questionnaire Thursday.

Chief inclusion officer shares ways to incorporate diversity

Dr. Darron Turner talks diversity in the faculty senate meeting Thursday.

Study abroad office plans new opportunity

Staff members may be able to study abroad in the next two years.

Chancellor continues diversity discussion at Town Hall meeting

Boschini discusses diversity at TCU.

Faculty brainstorms how to increase diversity at TCU

The faculty senate dug deep into diversity issues on campus.
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