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Oscar Hernandez

Oscar Hernandez was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. He is a third-year journalism major with a minor in Spanish.

#DearTCU: Justice Coalition wants students to share their stories

The TCU Justice Coalition plans to use social media and a proposal to broaden DEI into the Core Curriculum to create a more welcoming campus.

Interdisciplinary Studies celebrates their public launch

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies celebrates their public launch, engaging students with programs that empower change.

Public launch of the school of interdisciplinary studies

TCU will celebrate the public launch of their new School of Interdisciplinary Studies Thursday.

DEI committee wants to expand diversity in Core Curriculum

The DEI committee hopes to include diversity in the core with the support of students and faculty.

TCU to ask faculty about diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in...

DEI committee hopes to lead faculty towards more commitment to diversity across all departments.

Search for new provost moving fast

TCU looks to select a new candidate for provost position by December.
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