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Olivia Moody

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Olivia was ready to head out of state to follow her passion for journalism. After making the dance team at TCU, this school became the perfect place for her to follow her passion for journalism and her love for dance. Journalism has carried over into her personal life with her recent blog “Liv Greatly.” Using her minor in criminal justice, Olivia’s end goal is to become an investigative reporter.

Professors hope to make comic books more relevant on campus

Some professors are enthusiastic about switching from traditional textbooks to comic books in the classroom setting.

Women of Empowerment Organization provides ‘inclusion and support’

The student-created organization opens the discussion of issues women of color face on campus.

Students to change habits following locker room burglary

The suspect stole multiple cell phones and Beats headphones from the football locker room.

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