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Owen Roche


TCU Rhino Initiative Club gives voice to dwindling species

The TCU Rhino Initiative Club has started to raise awareness around campus about the rhino crisis.

TCU Master of Accounting program set to go to China this...

Master of Accounting students are excited to experience what business is like for one of the major trading partners of the U.S.

What we’re reading: Fla. officials back Trump, news organizations refuse to...

Florida county officials are refusing to pay for The New York Times for their library and news organizations are remaining strong in their refusal to reveal the whistleblower's identity. (Photo courtesy of TCU 360)

TCU students match high number of alcohol violations

With the fall semester halfway done, TCU students have amounted a large number of alcohol violations.

What we’re reading: Trump fed up with media, Guyger sentenced to...

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was hospitalized and a vintage World War II plane was involved in a deadly crash as well

Alcohol violations: What they are and the process behind them

As the number of alcohol violations rises, TCU students continue to risk strict punishment.
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