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Authors Posts by Renee Umsted

Renee Umsted

Renee is a journalism major. She is dedicated to improving her journalism skills to effectively and ethically inform others.

Two student entrances to open for future home football games

Students will be able to enter the football stadium through two gates, an increase since the first home game of the season.

TCU asks for Catholic campus priest, no specific answers from diocese

The Catholic community at TCU doesn’t have a priest, and there’s no guarantee when they will have one.

Members of local Jewish community discuss anti-Semitism

Panel members spoke about anti-Semitism in the U.S. and gave their suggestions on how to combat hatred.

Recovery ongoing as media coverage shifts away from hurricane

The national media has shifted attention away from Hurricane Michael, but recovery is still taking place as the holiday season approaches.

Day of the Dead celebrations encourage respect and civility

A holiday celebrated predominantly by people of Mexican descent aided in linking cultures and creating respect for the traditions of other groups.

Native American hip-hop musician reflects on depression and substance abuse

A Crow musician told his story and the narrative of Native Americans.

Comedy group explores religious beliefs during lecture

SketchCo uses comedy to instruct the audience on how to joke appropriately to illustrate the fact that religious groups share ideas and values.

Comedy team to perform at Crossroads Lecture

A local comedy group will be performing at a lecture sponsored by Religious & Spiritual Life.

Students practice Judaism without religious accommodations

Some Jewish students at TCU face obstacles in practicing their religion because of their different traditions and the absence of a student group.

Better Together inspires students to be civil

TCU's interfaith group teaches its members how to respect each other's beliefs.
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