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SGA holds student memorial to honor lives of four students

The TCU community came together Tuesday afternoon to honor the lives of the four students who died this past year.

Fort Worth businessman donates full first-year tuition for TCU medical school...

A donor will provide full first-year tuition to the inaugural class of M.D. students at the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine.

Update: No forced entry in TCC student’s homicide

Updates on the Molly Matheson case.

TCU steps up efforts to promote financial literacy with new additions...

TCU's annual Money Week made some additions this year to further promote financial literacy.

National trends show women marry later, some college students defy the...

National trends show women marry later in life, but one college woman took the vow earlier than expected.

TCU students volunteer with nonprofit to eliminate ‘dream deserts’

Dream Outside the Box exposes children to educational and career opportunities, encouraging them to follow their dreams.

CRES speaker emphasizes importance of diversity

The Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Program hosts Dr. Albert Camarillo on campus for the lecture, "Why Diversity Matters: Farther to Go."

Initiative on campus helps homeless women

The Period Project collects donations of pads, panty liners, and tampons for homeless women in the community.

Women voters reflect on casting ballot for Clinton

Women at the Tarrant County Democratic watch party reflect on getting to cast their first vote for a female presidential nominee.

Despite outcome, women celebrate their first vote for a woman candidate

Women reflect on voting for what they hoped would be the first female president.
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