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Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy is a journalism and political science double major from San Jose, California. Outside the classroom she enjoys traveling, drinking coffee, and reading about politics or history.

TCU employee dies of complications related to COVID-19

"Jose" Adalberto Cruz-Hurtado worked along side his wife and two oldest children.

TCU faculty talk about managing a hybrid classroom

TCU faculty discuss the difficulties and benefits of conducting a hybrid classroom.

Students concerned about mask compliance inside TCU’s library

The library has protocols in place, but some students said not all of their peers are following them.

Frog Camp provides familiar experience for first-year students

Incoming students spent two days getting to know each other and the campus as part of the revised first-year experience program.

Silver linings in a pandemic

TCU families and faculty are searching for the positives during uncertain times.

Transition to distance learning poses challenges to nursing program

TCU nursing students have transitioned to online learning, without the hands-on experiences that normally comes with attending classes on campus.

Difficulties with adjustment to distance learning

Finding a quiet place to work and overloaded WiFi connections are two common hurdles students have faced.

What we’re reading: Joe Biden picks up three major endorsements, coronavirus...

The former vice president was endorsed by three former presidential candidates at a rally in Dallas Monday night.

Early voting begins Tuesday in Texas

The voting site at the Brown-Lupton University Union will be open for all 12 days of the early voting period.
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