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I am a senior journalism major from the great city of Chicago. Watching E! News while eating a Chipotle burrito is my favorite pastime. Go Cowboys!

Ash Wednesday marks start of Lent

TCU will have an Ash Wednesday service and two masses throughout the day.

Listen: Celebrity Dish (Season 2): Episode 3

For today's appetizer, Taylor and Megan talk about the Jonas Brothers' reunion. For dessert, they discuss "The Bachelor" and the fence jump.

Listen: Celebrity Dish (Season 2): Episode 2

Taylor and Megan waste no time getting down to all of the celebrity news and gossip.

Listen: Celebrity Dish (Season 2): Episode 1

Celebrity Dish is back with a new season and some tea!

TCU student accused of sexual assault

The TCU police are investigating a reported sexual assault.

Student reports being recorded in restroom

A female student accused a male student of sliding a cell phone underneath the wall of a restroom stall to record her.

Groundhog Day facts: what to know about this holiday

Will there be six more weeks of winter? Or is spring just around the corner? While we wait to find out, read about some fun facts about the holiday.

Suspect assaults student, tries to steal purse

The victim said the suspect tried to take her purse but was unsuccessful.

Former student sentenced to six months in British jail

Jeffrey "Tanner" Libby pleaded guilty to three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of drunkness on an aircraft.

TCU’s network leaves students, faculty with irregular wireless connection

TCU's wireless connection continues to cause problems with no specific time for the problem to be fully resolved.

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