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I am a senior journalism major from the great city of Chicago. Watching E! News while eating a Chipotle burrito is my favorite pastime. Go Cowboys!

TCU’s network leaves students, faculty with irregular wireless connection

TCU's wireless connection continues to cause problems with no specific time for the problem to be fully resolved.

Alumnae receives highest TCU honor

Katherine Spillar receive an honorary doctorate, the highest honor at TCU.

Dahlberg named provost

TCU has chosen Dr. Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg to be the next provost.

Concert hall of new Music Center to be named for late...

The TCU Music Center will be named after late Van Cliburn, an American concert pianist.

Daylight saving time may affect some students’ mood

Shorter days and longer nights may cause some students to feel a big impact on their mood.

TCU Board of Trustees vote on increasing tuition, updates on construction

Fall tuition will increase by 4.9 percent.

Latin sorority’s politically inspired social media post goes viral

A flyer created by one TCU student is making it easy to learn more about the candidates running for senator, governor and attorney general.

‘The Ripple Effect’ offers a new form of peer support

A new peer support group starts conversations about alcoholism, mental illnesses and drug abuse.

Students react to Crowder on campus

Some students strongly support Steven Crowder and his decision to come to campus, while others were visibly upset by his presence. Find out their reactions here.
Crowder and the crowd

UPDATE: Student affairs encourages ‘a culture of respect’ following Crowder’s visit...

Steven Crowder came to campus and had a sign questioning the idea of rape culture.

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