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Tori Knox


National Night Out increases community safety

National Night Out is a nation wide effort for local law enforcement and the residents they serve to establish a relationship; which in turn, hopes to prevent crime.

Gang evolution does not match common perceptions

As gang violence has decreased in Fort Worth, the lifestyle has also adapted. The typical and tradition gang lifestyle is no longer prevalent.

Teenage pregnancy rates remain high in Tarrant County

Despite a nation decline in teenage pregnancy, Texas continues to have some of the nations highest statistics.

Fort Worth’s cat population remains steady

The Fort Worth stray and feral cat population may seem out of control, but Trap Neuter and Release has been keeping the population steady.

Murder Worth no more?

Gang activity in Fort Worth was at an all time high in the 1980s and 1990s giving Fort Worth the nickname "Murder Worth." This activity and violence has decreased over time due to the efforts of different organizations.

UCC’s advent events have begun

University Christian Church began hosting their advent events on Nov. 27. Events will be held until Jan. 8.

Fort Worth holds active shooter response courses

The courses were built around the avoid, deny, defend strategy that was developed by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training in 2004.

Thanksgiving donations are underway

The South Central Alliance of Churches is helping families in the 109 purchase Thanksgiving dinners at reduced prices.

Froggie Five-0 aims to protect students

Students needing a ride around campus have a safe and free option with Froggie Five-O.

Fort Worth earns 100 for LGBTQ inclusiveness

Fort Worth scored a perfect 100 for LGBT inclusiveness in the community on a national scorecard. Scores account for city policies, services and municipal laws.
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