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Trent Attyah

Trent Attyah is a sports broadcasting major with a minor in journalism. Trent’s experiences include internships with the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Rattlers and Fox Sports Southwest, along with producing a documentary and blogging for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Student symposium embraces hip-hop music

The hip-hop symposium showcased the various art forms within the unique music genre through live performances and contests.

Drones give journalists a different perspective

TCU's journalism department looked to the future with a workshop on drones.

What we’re reading: UK viewers of Netflix’s “The Notebook” confused after...

We’re back and we’re reading - everything from “CNN” to “CNBC.” We’re trying to help you keep up with the rapid pace of politics...

School of Interdisciplinary Studies holds luncheon for keynote speaker

Dr. Sherri Parks spoke about interdisciplinary studies at an event held Thursday by TCU's School of Interdisciplinary Studies.

TCU fraternities begin spring 2019 recruitment

The spring rush process lasts until Feb. 11.

What we’re reading: Record low temperatures seize mail deliveries

Apple Music and American Airlines are teaming up Apple announced a partnership with American Airlines that will allow passengers to stream content using free Wi-Fi...
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