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Don’t let relationships hinder a fulfilling, rewarding college experience

At a bar in Kansas City, I ran into an ex-boyfriend who asked me if I was single. It made me sad to answer no - and not just because he's cute.Even though I'm currently in a relationship, more or less, in my last year of college, I have always been someone who has loved being single and free - and for good reason.

I barely have time for a boyfriend my senior year of college; it amazes me how people have made time for relationships their freshman year, a time of transition into an entirely different environment.

Protect yourself: Get HPV vaccine

Condoms and abstaining from sex are regarded as effective ways to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, so people take these precautions to stay healthy. So why wouldn't college women get a vaccine to arm themselves against the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease?About 20 million Americans are infected with human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease that about 50 percent of sexually active people get in their lifetimes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Take precautions against assault

Nationally, about 20 percent to 25 percent of college women say they have been victims of attempted sexual assault, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.And that 25 percent isn't comprehensive. Only about 39 percent of all assaults are reported, the CDC estimates.

With this semester's investigations of reported on-campus and area sexual assaults, students should realize TCU is not immune to sexual violence. It can happen here, and there's a good chance it does.

Music Review: Good ol’ boy shows fans deeper side

Platinum-selling country singer Dierks Bentley is covering a lot of ground in his ol' cowboy boots, but the singer looks to hang them up on his third record, "Long Trip Alone."Known for catchy tunes such as "What Was I Thinkin'" off his self-titled debut album and "Lot of Leavin' Left to Do" from his sophomore effort "Modern Day Drifter," Bentley follows in the footsteps of his partying forefathers Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr.

But could this Arizona rebel be settling down just a bit?

Instant runoff voting improves campaigns, participation

With two independent candidates running for Texas governor who might actually attract more than 2 percent of the vote each, the state's gubernatorial election sets up a rare possibility - the next governor of Texas could win without a majority vote.Nov. 7, the candidate with the most votes wins, even if that person has less than 50 percent of the votes.

But a former independent presidential candidate has a better idea.

Honesty prevails over cheating

College instructors are discovering more ways to catch cheaters, and students are finding more and elaborate ways to cheat. But the cheaters are just...

Police department doesn’t deserve bad rap

Because of the number of parking tickets the TCU Police write, many may not realize what the department's most important duties are - preventing and solving crimes.But if students take the time to look around, they will see that distributing parking tickets isn't the only activity of the department; campus police also implement and execute precautions and measures that keep campus safe.

Froggie Five-O can be a resource for students afraid of walking alone across campus. The escorts can expedite a student's trip and provide strength in numbers.

Athlete’s greed out of control

These days, football fans can't tell whether Matt Leinart is a businessman or a quarterback. Like many professional athletes, he has his sights set on green dollar bills instead of the green turf, disenchanting the fans who pay the GNP of a small country to see him throw and run - the same fans who pay him.This year's NFL draft exemplifies how the passion for a game has dissipated into a money-hoarding business deal: Leinart, the 10th pick in the draft, has held out for two weeks because he felt as though he deserved more money than those who were drafted before him.

School Dazed?

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the sources.Two weeks ago, Carrie had a dilemma - she had a trade theory test...

Baylor justified in banning nude posing

Naked. It's how we were born; some would argue that's how the higher power of this world intended us to be. Although Baylor University has not condemned the act of being naked, it has condemned the act of being naked in a publication. Baylor has threatened any female students who plan to pose for the Big 12 issue of Playboy with consequences that include anything from a warning to expulsion, according to an Associated Press article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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