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Students work with Fort Worth homeless population

During an economic recession, the number of homeless individuals may increase. In Fort Worth, however, a team of people connected to the university have...

Frog Horn has rich history

Every time the football team scores a touchdown, Horned Frog fans cover their ears from the roaring blast of the Frog Horn. However, many fans might not know the four men behind all the noise.

Jim Garvin, his son Justin Garvin, and Jason Lesikar have maintained and operated the Frog Horn for the past eight football seasons. Both Lesikar and Justin Garvin are TCU alumni.

This season the team added Colby Cagle, who met the men through his father.

"It's an opportunity of a lifetime," Justin Garvin said.

Museum setting for hands-on teaching

Education majors at the university have the opportunity to student teach using tortoises, raccoons, space suits and teepees as their teaching tools.

The Museum School at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History provides a preschool education program where students learn from artifacts at the museum. University students enrolled in the introduction to early childhood education classes are student teaching at the school three hours per week.

Vampire class to be added to spring course catalog

"Twilight," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and HBO's "True Blood" could be on a course syllabus next semester for film-TV-digital media students.

FTDM will offer a new "topics in film" class called Bloodsuckers, taught by Tricia Jenkins, an assistant FTDM professor.

Students in the class will study the changing image of vampires throughout history from silent films in the 1920s to current films like "Twilight," Jenkins said. FTDM majors and minors may take the class for media analysis credit.

Anonymous donation made to FTDM department

Department of Film-TV-Digital Media students have had more opportunities to meet film industry professionals because of a large, anonymous donation made to FTDM for a student experience fund.

Elizabeth Selzer , regional director of development for the university, said the two purposes of the fund are to bring film industry experts and FTDM alumni to the university and to send FTDM students to film festivals and workshops.

As a result of the grant, students have already met Rusty Mahmood, the assistant director of "The Office."

‘The Office’ assistant director gives students advice

Rusty Mahmood graduated from college with a business degree thinking he would work in an office, but he didn't expect to find himself working...

‘The Office’ assistant director to visit FTDM students

Film, television and digital media students who are fans of watching the characters on "The Office" make fools of themselves on a weekly basis will soon have the chance to pick the brain of an assistant director of the hit show.

Julie Harrison, a sophomore film, television and digital media major, said "The Office" was her favorite TV show. She will get to learn about the behind-the-scenes details of her favorite show from its assistant director, Rusty Mahmood, when he speaks to FTDM students Nov. 2 and 3.

Force behind Nike’s Jordan Brand to offer insight

Erin Patton, founder of the brand management consulting firm The Mastermind Group, has given advice to Michael Jordan, Venus and Serena Williams and LeBron James on various brand and product launches.

Tonight he will share some insight about the marketing and advertising industries with university students at 6 p.m. in the Kelly Alumni Center.

Patton was the driving force behind the creation of Nike's Jordan Brand.

Television news class to be available for FTDM majors

Charlotte Berry, a sophomore film-TV-digital media major, thought most FTDM students planned to work in film careers. A new FTDM class, television news production, which will become available in the spring, could cause FTDM students to consider careers in television news as well.

"This will give them a hands-on experience with television and broadcasting," Berry said. "So maybe that will make them want to go into television more than just film and give them a broader opportunity in the real world."

Director gives students tips on film industry success

Rod Hardy, a film and television director, told students in a directing workshop Tuesday night that the key to directing was passion."Without passion nothing...
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