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Vegans have it rough in Cowtown

In the middle of October, Jonathan Combs, a senior graphic design major, vowed to go a month without eating any product that came from an animal.

He agreed to be a vegan for a month as a part of a documentary film by TCU's radio-TV-film students.

Combs and many other vegans around Fort Worth said maintaining a vegan lifestyle in Cowtown is more difficult than it should be.

"It's probably harder than most other cities," Combs said. "But for the most part you can find places that are willing to accommodate you even if they don't know why."

University investments should be public knowledge

If TCU were my child, I would ground him or her for a good, solid year.That's what my parents would have done to me...

Rating systems would ease shopping stress

Being an American consumer gets harder every day.

You have to consider the value, the nutrition (if it's food) and whether the product was ethically produced.

On top of these already difficult choices, more and more products hit the shelves every day making these decisions more complicated.

But don't get too stressed out just yet. Help is on the way.

Several companies are developing systems designed to help shoppers make the right decisions. At your local grocery store you may soon find a rating next to every product.

Mainstream labels dilute music

Bob Dylan is almost too old to perform, Luciano Pavarotti just died, the six or seven major radio stations in every town are exactly the same and "artists" like Hannah Montana can sell out the Fort Worth Convention Center in a matter of minutes.Money and greed have taken their toll on the music business, and now there is more bad music than ever before.

So exactly where does this bad music come from?

Five multinational companies have monopolized the record industry.

Fossil fuel addiction problematic in society facing global change

There was a headline the other day that bothered me: "Algae-Powered Cars." Yes, it's true! Now you can power your car with the same stuff floating in your uncle's crappy swimming pool that hasn't been touched in years - but you probably won't.

I'll go out on a limb: No one reading this, including me, will ever power a car with sewage, hemp, animal fat, vegetable oil, corn, sugar, electricity, air, water or sunlight either.

New film sends viewers on journey

Director Wes Anderson, with the help of three remarkably talented actors, managed to craft a film that is not only inspiring and funny, but is also one of the most original films of the year. Perhaps the most atypical attribute of "The Darjeeling Limited" was its prologue, "Hotel Chevalier," a free short film released on iTunes last month starring Natalie Portman and the films' co-writer Jason Schwartzman. The prologue will accompany the movie when it is released in Fort Worth theaters this Friday.

Stars’ personal experiences, trip to India shape film

Jason Schwartzman spoke with staff writer Alex Zobel about his recent travels to India where he co-wrote and starred in the new film "The Darjeeling Limited" with director Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. The short film "Hotel Chevalier," which starred Natalie Portman and Schwartzman acts as a prologue to the feature film and will precede the movie starting today when it will be released in Fort Worth theaters.What was the writing process like for you?

Sustainability grade up thanks to bike program

Read the report: Complete report TCU SMU

Room for Improvement

Campus environmental activists point to recent progress at TCU: The cups, silverware and straws in The Main are now biodegradable, a campus-wide recycling program...

Fair Trade complaints sometimes moot

Nothing demonstrates TCU students' collective apathy toward social issues more than the "Fair Trade coffee cycle."It's a cycle where a small group of idealistic student activists known as the Frogs for Fair Trade, bug TCU Dining Services about the absence of Fair Trade coffee on campus to the point where you can actually buy it in Frog Bytes or the Main.

A few months later Dining Services will stop buying Fair Trade coffee due to low demand and shortly thereafter it becomes unavailable again and the whole process starts over.

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