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Tattoos can be beautiful way to permanently express faith

Christian body art is becoming more common as people are representing their faith through permanent ink. I think it's beautiful, but I'm a bit biased.

Tattoos have been around forever. Dating back to thousands of years before Christ, people preserved bodies being discovered with body art. People would mark their bodies in celebration of God, making their bodies a walking testimony for their faith. Is it wrong to be a witness and testimony of faith in God?

Sports entertainment classic fun show for fans of all ages

"American Gladiators" is back and better than ever.

It has a new look with two new commentators, the beautiful Laila Ali and the legendary Hulk Hogan, a vamped up set, all new gladiators and new events. And let's not forget the return of the much-loved old events.

The hiatus was finally over Jan. 6, when NBC aired the first of a two-night premiere.

Toy paranoia just cause for holiday shopping problems

This Christmas was scary for both consumers and retailers thanks to a toy recall involving lead paint.

There I was, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, trying to figure out what to put on my 1-year-old daughter's Christmas list because I knew family members would start asking me what to get her. The recalls affected my list, making me doubt the safety of the toys still on the shelves.

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