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Campus task force prepared in the case of an avian influenza...

The often mentioned, rarely explained, avian influenza virus has spurred concern and preparation within the medical community and public health services. Now its potential to mutate has moved into the forefront. Many citizens assuage their fears of a viral pandemic with the belief that avian influenza will follow in the footsteps of its hubbub-inducing virus brother, SARS, and boil the conversation about the dangers of the virus down to unnecessary panic, but TCU officials are still preparing.

Buschman Theatre dedicated

TCU's University Theatre will be rededicated as the Jerita Foley Buschman Theatre after her leading gift of $550,000 in the $1.2 million theater "facelift" project, said Harry Parker, chair of the theatre department.Buschman was a TCU alumna who was involved in theatre as a student and continued to support the theater long after her graduation in 1946, Parker said.

Buschman was a great benefactor of the theater for many years, and then made this gift shortly before she died two years ago with the knowledge that the theater would be renovated in her name, Parker said.

Students question Mavs owner

Students questioned Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on topics ranging from personnel decisions to the NBA dress code, and Cuban answered them all Tuesday in the Brown-Lupton Student Center.Cuban, promoting the Mavs U college ticket program, which allows students to purchase $10 tickets the day of a game, told a crowd of students no subject was off-limits during a 30-minute question-and-answer session, and the audience ran with it.

TCU’s own ballet legend dies at age 50

Fernando Bujones was more than a ballet legend.When Bujones, 50, choreographer in residence at the TCU dance department, died Thursday in Miami of malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer, it was as if the department had lost a family member, said chairperson Ellen Shelton.

"He was an incredibly special person. Not just professionally, but personally as well," Shelton said.

Students and faculty wore black ribbons Friday in mourning of his death.

‘Hangman’s’ offers fun scares, no gore

"Final Cut: No lights. No cameras. All Action!"At Hangman's House of Horrors, one of the top-ranked attractions in Tarrant County, new scares can be found.

Hangman's doesn't claim to be the scariest, but instead, the most fun, said Aryn Young, production assistant for La-De-Da Productions, the theatrical production company that sponsors Hangman's.

"We're definitely the most entertaining," Young said. "And I think that's why we've been so successful."

Volunteers help charity house succeed

At Hangman's House of Horrors the volunteers have a large role in the planning and production of the haunted house.They play a part in everything from the theme to the sets, said Aryn Young, a 2002 TCU graduate and production assistant for La-De-Da Productions, the theatrical production company that sponsors Hangman's.

According to www.hangmans.com, "It takes more than 1,000 volunteers to bring this house to life!"

In a creative meeting in late spring, the volunteers selected the "Final Cut" movie theme as well as the overall direction of the house, Young said.

Fall performance to pay tribute to choreographer

The Ballet & Modern Dance department will dance its fall concert Friday as a gift to TCU's choreographer-in-residence, Fernando Bujones, who is currently battling cancer, said Ellen Page Shelton, chairperson and associate professor of modern dance. Bujones is the artistic director of the Orlando Ballet, and comes to TCU every semester to work with the students, Shelton said.

"He is a huge icon in ballet and a wonderful person to work with," Shelton said. "The department looks forward to performing this concert in his honor."

TCU will not ban facebook due to risks, officials say

Access to the popular Web site facebook.com was recently blocked at the University of New Mexico, but TCU administrators say they do not intend to ban the online directory on campus.As of last week, there were 7,353 registered TCU accounts and people at more than 2,000 universities with Facebook accounts, said Chris Hughes, spokesman for Facebook.

Numerous universities have expressed risk management concerns about the Web site based on privacy and security issues, said Jill Laster, associate vice chancellor of administrative services.


College students are broke. Everyone knows that. And as graduation is approaching, the financial situation many seniors face may get stickier.Many college students will have to take on financial responsibilities they have not previously known, and the disconnection from Mom and Dad's pocketbook sends many into frenzied fear.

Larry Lockwood, a professor of finance, said, "A financial planner can help, but there's no substitute for reading and studying on your own."


Intelligent Design under scrutiny

The theory of intelligent design, currently being debated as an alternative to evolution, does not have a place in the science classroom, TCU professors...
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