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Seniors should dream big, aim high

With graduation only two months away, many seniors may be experiencing an overwhelming sense of panic. In disbelief that graduation is just around the...

Lent should involve a more spiritual sacrifice

As we approach both the Lenten and beach seasons, we forget all about our New Year's resolutions and start worrying about spring break plans. We tried losing our "winter weight" through resolutions, but it is time for a new challenge: sacrifices. We hope that we can "sacrifice" an extra cookie at the BLUU to participate in Lenten promises as well as cut a few extra calories off our diet before we hit the beach.

More important for Frogs to ‘pink out’ than ‘black out’

The fifth annual "Frogs for the Cure" football game will be held Saturday, Nov. 14. As our beloved Frogs continue their winning streak, it is impossible not to be excited for the game against our biggest remaining competitor, Utah. The Utes, who are No. 14 in the Bowl Championship Series rankings, are hoping for a win that will ruin our perfect season. As members of the TCU community, we should do all that we can to show our Frogs that we support them and are excited to see revenge against the Utes.

Working a pet into your college lifestyle not easy

It feels as if everywhere you turn, you hear about an animal shelter closing or see a new puppy in your friend's house. Nothing can melt a heart more than seeing a 4-month-old puppy trip awkwardly over its big feet. But nothing can break a heart faster than seeing a homeless or sick animal. Many people, including myself, miss their pets from home. I cannot tell you how much I would pay to have my "puppy," a 9-year-old weimaraner named Sammy, here at school. Unfortunately, he is not the lap dog he thinks he is.

Contentment found by approaching diversity

College is supposed to take students away from the comforts of high school and prepare them for the inevitable difficulties of the real world.

Our university bubble isn't showing us the real world. I mean, honestly, how many first-year professions pay well enough for a brand new BMW? As students, we may not know what we want, but we should face the facts and realize our eyes need to be opened. It's time we grow up and see the world.

Sororities lose girls by rushing decisions

It was never a question if I wanted to "go Greek" or not. I knew early on that I wanted to be a part...
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