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Theatre students await chance to perform

From the first round of auditions to the final curtain call, students involved in a Theatre TCU production find they have time for very little else - but few seem to mind."I'm basically studying as I'm walking to class, I'm studying as I'm eating and whenever I get the chance," said Kal Anderson, who has worked as a stage manager on numerous Theatre TCU productions. "Working on a show takes up most of my time."

Senseless Acts lacks performance space

Although the semester has begun and student organizations have shifted into full-gear, one group of students lags behind.Senseless Acts of Comedy, the student comedy troupe, has found themselves without a performance space and unable to begin their weekly comedy shows, said Michael Flusche, SAC president.

"We just got kicked to the curb," said the junior advertising/public relations major.

Studio merges technology with writing

A new media studio in the Rickel Academic Wing will serve as a resource for students and faculty who seek ways to incorporate technology into class assignments.The New Media Writing Studio, which will officially open Sept. 4, will focus on helping students use new media tools to write and create class projects.

Michael Browning, NMWS student intern, said the studio will allow students to use new media programs, such as Flash, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and other Macromedia and Adobe products to make presentations or other school projects.

“Snakes” likely to become the next modern day cult classic

"Snakes on a Plane," in a word, was ridiculous. Just as I fully expected, every snake attack, death and line of expletive-littered dialogue was laughable.Somehow though, the audience at my showing got the wrong impression from previews.

"I'm hoping it will be scary," 18-year-old Vanessa Recendiz said before the film began.

"If not, I want a refund."

Stacy Dickerson, 40, said the same thing.

"I want lots of scary stuff."

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