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Fundraising fashion show brings in scholarship money

Students strutted their stuff in a fashion show Thursday to help the TCU Guild raise money for seven scholarships.TCU Guild president Shirley Baird said...

Campus drops in Trojan sexual health rankings

The grades are in for universities nationwide, but this is not a typical report card. Trojan Brand Condoms released its 2007 Sexual Health Report...

Group addresses civil rights concerns

Would anyone notice if you went missing?The TCU chapter of Amnesty International held a weeklong event starting Sept. 4 to raise awareness for people who are imprisoned for their beliefs.

Dani Folks, vice president of Amnesty International, said the term coined for these prisoners are "prisoners of conscience."

"Amnesty International is the biggest civil rights organization in the world," Folks said.

Amy Gardner, the organization's secretary and treasurer, said people's rights are being abused every day.

Actors showcase year-round production

New meaning can be given to the phrase 24/7/365 for a Kentucky-born playwright. In November 2002, Pulitzer Prize-winner and playwright Suzan-Lori Parks made a commitment to write one play a day for an entire year and called it "365 Days/365 Plays," said Harry Parker, chair of the TCU theater department.

The TCU Department of Theatre, starting Sept. 10, is joining hundreds of acting companies involved in what theater companies call the largest project in the history of American theater.

Healthy Measurements

How old is your body?A new addition to the University Recreation Center, the Polar Body Age System, can answer that question and improve TCU's overall health and fitness, said Stacy Cintron, assistant director of campus recreation fitness and wellness. She introduced this system to help students and faculty practice healthy, active lifestyles. The system uses various tools to calculate an actual age of how old you are and devise personal exercise plans to reach your desired fitness level.


Killing Calories, losing pounds

Eat your vegetables or no dessert. This is a phrase no child wants to hear. Kids basically have no control over what they eat. Parents buy and prepare the food, and the children have to gulp down whatever appears on their plate. If they do not like what it is, they squirm in their chairs praying that somehow that disgusting pile of green will magically disappear. TCU's nutrition counselor Stephanie Dickerson said, "students are like kids in a candy store," once they get into college, they embrace their newfound freedom and make poor eating choices, she said.

New graduate-level program to transform nurses into doctors

The Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences welcomed students from across the nation to TCU's first online Doctorate of Nursing Practice program.Paulette Burns, dean of the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, said the nursing school originally only offered a master's degree in nursing and nurse anesthesia. Now, with the two-year DNP, Burns said students can take one step further in their academic careers.

Man robs student at local Walgreens, takes away $1,600

A 20-year-old female student was robbed Wednesday night outside of Walgreens on the 3100 block of McCart Avenue, according to a Fort Worth police...

Students cited for alcohol violations

Despite prior warnings, some students had their first taste of alcohol violations before ever stepping foot in a classroom.There were six on-campus alcohol violations since the first day of move-ins, but Sparkle Greenhaw, associate director of alcohol and drug education, said this is not an unusual occurrence.

"Just as soon as students get back on campus, we start getting alcohol violations," Greenhaw said. "The majority of violations come from first-year students."

Free speech fair, but be nice, too

From a young age, we were taught that if we cannot think of something nice to say, we should bite our tongues and say nothing at all. Mean personal comments were meant to remain private and unspoken. With the introduction of blogging, we can anonymously release all of our thoughts through MySpace, Facebook and Xanga. We practically live in the technologically advanced world known as the blogosphere. However, leaving hateful, threatening comments on another blogger's post has evolved into a major controversy.

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