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Waiting for true love better idea than quick physical fulfillment

Fairy tales tell girls to wait for their Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet. However, a recent trend reveals that young women would rather "hook up" than pursue and maintain a long-term relationship. According to the March 16 ABC News article, "Searching for Mr. Right Now," 23-year-old Evi Lalangas says, "(Hooking up) means there's no emotional element. We hooked up, I'm physically satisfied, and I went on my way."

"Hooking up" can span from kissing to having sex with a complete stranger.

Better dining options needed during breaks

On the Friday before Spring Break, the campus had already transformed into a ghost town as cars, filled with excited students, sped away.But not all students have the opportunity to leave campus for every university break or holiday.

Although there may be a small amount of students on campus during breaks, TCU should provide more on-campus dining and social options for non-traveling students.

Don’t impose personal beliefs

It is very noble to have moral beliefs and make conscious decisions to live by, but are we crossing the line when our beliefs could offend someone else? Freedom of religion does not give people the right to impose their religion on others. It is one thing to abstain from something one considers wrong and another to force others to take on those same beliefs. In a recent study by the University of Chicago, researchers found that many doctors feel they do not have to refer patients to another doctor to receive treatment if they do not morally agree with the patient.

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