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Applicants need background checks

University officials, in response to recent sexual assault charges filed against three former TCU athletes, indicate they are exploring ways to more closely scrutinize...

Appeals limit allows accuracy

It happens at the end of every semester: Students wait impatiently in front of a computer, constantly refreshing my.tcu.edu's academic home page to see if final grades have been posted. Inevitably, someone will be dissatisfied with his or her grade. Disgruntled students can present their cases to the Academic Appeals Committee about discrepancies concerning a specific grade. Currently, a student has until the drop date of the next semester to appeal a grade, but a proposed appeals process would limit the time frame to appeal a grade to 10 days.

Mr./Ms. TCU guidelines unfair

The Mr./Ms. TCU competition isn't exactly gaining popularity from the student body this year due to the disqualification of three Ms. TCU candidates last...

Plus/minus grading system raises concerns

As they have been for years, several debate-worthy issues, such as parking, construction and tuition, are topics of discussion among students, faculty and staff. But the announcement of the future implementation of a new grading system at last week's Faculty Senate meeting has added yet another controversial subject to the list. David Grant, professor and chair of the religion department, explained the structure and inner workings of the plus/minus grading system, which will be implemented in fall 2007, at the meeting.

URC should tighten rules

A University Recreation Center employee's uncertainties about a member's ankle monitor and suspicious behavior led to the arrest of a 35-year-old accused pedophile on...

Social Web sites used in admissions

Alex Castriota, 18, has never been in love and would rather diepeacefully than in a random accident. According to his MySpaceprofile, the Berkeley Preparatory...

Bookstore to undergo renovation

The TCU Bookstore will undergo a makeover in February to accommodate student demand that has earned it a spot in the top-five college Barnes & Noble bookstores in the nation, said the bookstore's general manager.Barnes & Noble will add 8,000 retail square feet to the TCU bookstore toward the end of February, said Llisa Lewis, the general manager.

Stan Frank, the marketing director for Barnes & Noble, said the company tries to renovate college bookstores every three to five years but said that the more business a store does, the more attention the store gets.

Office space becoming limited

TCU's record-high enrollment and increasing number of faculty members could be causing campus buildings to burst at the seams.Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Nowell Donovan said the problem of limited office space has been "creeping up" on the administration for years but has accelerated in recent years because of the administration's goal to decrease the student-faculty ratio from 15-1 to 13-1.

Donovan said the undergraduate population has increased by 26 percent over the past 15 years.

Students signing up to lease apartments

Students jumped at the chance to reserve a spot in the GrandMarc at Westberry Place apartment complex Monday at the grand opening of the leasing office.Joanna Baylock, a GrandMarc representative, said there has been a steady flow of students visiting the office to receive leasing information and to pre-lease apartments.

"We have already leased 10 of 244 units," Baylock said.

Johanna Janovsky, the leasing office business manager, said she didn't know how students would react to the price of the apartments, but said she is pleased with the turnout.

Honoring the fallen

TCU veterans reunited with fellow comrades Saturday as they strolled past the names of fallen Horned Frogs displayed on granite plaques at the dedication ceremony of TCU's Veterans Plaza.The Veterans Plaza, a $150,000 project funded by private donors and initiated by Texas Secretary of State and TCU Board of Trustee member Roger Williams, celebrates the lives of Horned Frogs who served in both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq, said Chancellor Victor Boschini.

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