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Presidency not linked to political careers

Being president of the TCU Student Government Association is not necessarily a stepping stone into a political career, but it is a pathway to learn time-management, to sharpen people skills and to learn a great deal about yourself, say two former SGA presidents.Jay Zeidman, SGA president in 2004, said being president while juggling 15 hours of class taught him a lot about time-management, discipline and himself.

"You find out what you're strongest and weakest at," Zeidman said.

House tables resolution to support Fair Trade

The House of Student Representatives voted Tuesday to table a resolution to support Fair Trade at TCU to two committees, and Speaker of the...

Student body elections to be held today

Students will voice their opinions today by voting for the next student body officers.Students can learn more about the candidates at www.sga.tcu.edu and www.tcudailyskiff.com. To vote, students can go to my.tcu.edu.

Student Government Association President David Watson said when students vote, they should keep in mind the candidates' platforms and look at leadership experience.

"(Students) should vote who they think is the best instead of who's their friend and who they know," Watson said.

Student leaders favor tuition cap

Intercom presented various topics to the Student Relations Committee Board of Trustees on Thursday in the Kelly Alumni Center, but tuition was on the minds of most.Intercom is a group of students, mostly presidents from different organizations, who present issues every year to the Board of Trustees.

Lance Kearns, president of Hyperfrogs, presented an alternative plan for setting tuition: a capped increase rate.

SGA justice resigns; replacement sworn in Tuesday

The new justice on the Judicial Board of the Student Government Association said Wednesday that he will bring sound judgment in interpreting the Constitution, the Student Body Code and other documents.The vacant spot on the Judicial Board was filled Tuesday night when Taylor Allen, a sophomore entrepreneurial management major, was sworn in by Chief Justice Jared Heathman.

"It's always been something I've been interested in participating in," Allen said. "I felt I could be useful for SGA in the Judicial Board."

SGA candidates face off in debate

If you are uncertain whom to vote for Student Government Association president, today is your chance to find out information about the five candidates in a presidential debate hosted by SGA President David Watson.The debate will be at noon today in the Brown-Lupton Student Center Lounge.

Watson said the debate would be similar to the 2004 U.S. presidential debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry.

News brief

The House of Representatives elected its first speaker of the house and passed a bill calling for a referendum to adjust the student body fee Tuesday night.Sebastian Moleski, a senior economics major, was elected to speaker when a majority two-thirds vote was in favor of him.

The Student Government Associastion will no longer have a vice president for the house, but the duties will be taken over by the speaker.

The bill calling for a referendum to adjust the student body fee was passed after some debate.

Astros’ victory makes history

The Houston Astros clinched the National League Championship on Wednesday night, sending the team to its first World Series in the franchise's 44-year history, but Houston was not the only place fans were celebrating.Fort Worth is about four hours away from Houston, but TCU students didn't let location stop them from cheering on their team.

John Athon, a senior political science major, said he grew up as an Astros fan. He was 7 months old when he went to his first game wearing an Astros baseball cap.

"It doesn't matter where I am," Athon said. "I love my Astros."

Officials: Student information is secure

TCU's computers are protected on a number of levels in an effort to prevent hackers from obtaining personal information stolen from servers, officials said.TCU uses several lines of defense, said Bill Senter, manager of technical services. There are security measures built into both the databases and the servers that host the databases. Also, network access to those servers is restricted through firewalls and limitation of physical access.

Nurses help Frog aid others

The Student Nurses Association presented a check for $480 at its Thursday afternoon meeting to a Harris School of Nursing alumna who housed Hurricane Katrina evacuees.Nelrica Kendrick had 18 to 22 relatives in her Fort Worth home after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Originally, 18 family members were living with Kendrick and her children. The number reached 22 when she picked up her sister and her family, who was missing temporarily, in Mississippi.

"It was tough, but it had to be done," she said.

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