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Still Invincible

In Todd Howard's mind, he was
invincible. Active in an array of water
sports, he never thought he could be
taken away from the glistening of the
blue water.
Then the invincibility was yanked
from him 8212; at 19, he was diagnosed
with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. There was
a tumor the size of a deck of cards in
the right side of his body.
Early in his second semester at TCU,
Howard said a hard workout pulled the
trigger on the unknown tumor. It was
a coincidence that saved his life.

Letters to the Editor

Leaders are responsible for their own actionsEverything in life has a price.Leaders choose to not only pay it, but to go beyond. Followers choose...

Person-to-person lending practices risky

As it becomes more difficult for some students to get loans, new options have emerged, including an online person-to-person lending system.The program may sound...

Recent trend has students looking to the stars

The razor-sharp claws of the Cancer crab, the majestic presence of the Leo lion and the two identical faces of the Gemini twins are three of the 12 horoscopes signs astrologers use to aid in their interpretation of heavenly bodies.

Astrology, the study of how heavenly bodies supposedly affect human life and behavior, continues to counsel people on life decisions despite critics who claim that it is pure superstition.


Brazil’s condom program good idea

Brazil is localizing condom production to reduce import costs.According to an article from the BBC Web site, Brazil is making condoms from rubber trees...

Reed Hall construction doesn’t warrant layoffs

Peter and a couple of the other loved Edens and Deco Deli employees are back.TCU did a great job bringing back some employees and...

Decorated guns present new dangers

A man in Baraboo, Wis., is custom painting weapons with the Hello Kitty character on them. From handguns to semi-automatics, he will paint it if the price is right - at least $100 for one color painting.

There are lots of ways to decorate a machine, but having a pink gun with a cat design on the handle is the most dangerous thing anyone could do.

A video on CNN.com features Jim's Gun Supply, where painted guns are sold with all kinds of designs.

Disclosing STD statistics could benefit students’ health

In the wake of recent studies concerning human papillomavirus, the student body should be able to know the number of people affected by the virus at TCU.

Initially, HPV was known to impact mostly women, but it has also become a growing concern for men.

Being naive about a virus like HPV could be detrimental. Students would benefit from knowing the number of those affected because they could take extra preventative measures.

Tornado brings appreciation of safety

It was about an hour wait. They were sitting in a room with no windows waiting for it to be over.

A tornado warning was in effect. After being cramped in a room waiting anxiously, the rumbling occurred.

Things seem so important. New items hit the market everyday, the new 32 gigabyte touch iPod, the new Hobo purse or that new dress from Nordstrom. But it isn't until everything is gone that you learn to appreciate things.

Take extra steps to avoid being victim of car theft

During campus tours, incoming students are told "Blue Light" safety phones can be seen from any point on campus.

It makes sense considering 70 of them are strategically located around campus. Safety has always been a priority at the university and it is evident from services like Froggie-Five-O.

Increasing surveillance by the Fort Worth Police Department since the rise of car burglaries shows the tremendous effort put forth by the community to ensure everyone's safety.

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