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Rape victim’s parents to discuss depression

It was New Year's Eve, 1995. Andrea and Mike Cooper had just come home from a New Year's party and found their only daughter dead in their living room.Kristin had committed suicide because she was depressed after a co-worker raped her, her father, Mike Cooper, said.

Andrea Cooper, Kristen's mother and Delta Delta Delta alumna, who has made it her mission to travel and inform students about rape, depression and suicide will be speaking on TCU's campus for the third time Sunday at noon in Ed Landreth Hall Auditorium.

Mock refugee camp moves through D/FW area

Four days. Five cities. One refugee camp.For the first time, a Doctors Without Borders refugee camp is at Flagpole Hill at White Rock Lake Parkin Dallas until Sunday and is here to give a view of the life of an internally displaced person.

Emily Linendoll, press officer for Doctors Without Borders, said the exhibit started in Milwaukee and has given tour-goers a more realistic view of what goes on in the world.

Army Strong

It is 0600 hours. The moon is still beaming high in the sky and the streets are eerily quiet. The only light illuminating the field is the low orange light from the flashlights the four supervisors are holding.While the rest of the campus population sleeps, 15 cadets, all of them seniors, stand in a corner of the TCU track field, some on their hands doing push-ups, others encouraging them on.

They are dressed in matching gray shirts with the ARMY

Longtime photographer helped to break down gender barriers

She was famous for her photographs but known for her smile and passion for TCU. Linda Kaye, 65, who died from uterine cancer Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007, broke through gender boundaries in her profession and established herself as one of the first great woman photographers.

Her brother Roger Kaye said she ignored social norms and therefore succeeded in overcoming the gender barrier.

Administrator: Program with sister school on hiatus

Read past stories about TCU's relationship with UDLA

The university has put a program with its Mexican sister school on hold, citing free speech and press issues. David Whillock, assistant dean of the College of Communication, said the undergraduate dual degree program with Universidad de las Americas-Puebla is currently on hold.

Quick Sports: Full team awaits competition in second tourney

The TCU men's tennis team will be in Tulsa, Okla. Saturday competing in their second tournament of the season. The team will be competing in the Ralph Lauren Men's All-American Championship . After a pair of wins by three freshmen last weekend at the Baylor Intercollegiate, the team will play all day at the University of Tulsa.

Senior, Cosmin Cotet, currently ranked No. 54 will join the TCU team this weekend after sitting out in the opening tournament because of the USA F23 Futures tournament.

Staff reporter Ana Bak

Quick Sports: Divided roster heads to separate competitions

After sitting on the bench last season because of transfer rules, junior Macall Harkins will team up with Anna Sydorska in the prequalifying game on Saturday to compete in the Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championsips in Pacific Palisades, Calif . The women's tennis team will split up this weekend, three players competing in the HEB Baylor Invitational in Waco and four playing in the ITA All-American in Calif.

The team welcomes two new players, freshmen Maria Babanova and Idunn Hertzberg.

Staff reporter Ana Bak

IFC proposal outlines punishment for bid-day fight

A proposal regarding the punishments for four fraternities involved in a bid-night fight has been finalized.The fraternities involved in the fight will do community service hours as their proposed punishment, according to the Interfraternity Council's sanction proposal.

The proposal was released Thursday evening by James Parker, assistant dean of Campus Life after the final draft was presented to him by IFC Chief Justice Dane Pearson.

The punishment will not be final until Campus Life has approved it, Pearson said.

IFC considers punishment for fraternities’ bid-night skirmish

The Interfraternity Council met Sunday for three hours to create a proposal that outlined sanctions against four fraternities involved in an August brawl, but James Parker, assistant dean of Campus Life, said Monday he had yet to see it.Josh Schutts, coordinator of fraternity and sorority life and IFC adviser, said he and Dane Pearson, chief justice of IFC, would present the proposal to Parker but as of Monday evening, Parker said in an e-mail he had not seen it.

IFC investigates fraternities’ involvement in bid-night fight

The Interfraternity Council will meet Sunday to discuss disciplinary actions concerning four fraternities associated with a fight that took place on bid night in Worth Hills, the IFC president said. IFC President Matt DiLeo said IFC would deal with the situation using its judicial board. He said the four fraternities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta and Phi Kappa Sigma, would bring in representatives to present a case to the judicial board.

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