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Media should shift focus away from Virginia Tech shooter

As the world was still holding its breath from shock at the Virginia Tech massacre, the public received another round of unwanted news. Sickening pictures of the shooter, Cho Seung-Hui, were first released Thursday by NBC News.The pictures showed Cho in violent, outraged poses: arms outstretched and guns in hand. Only certain photos were released, but the package contained an array of media including "rambling, hate-filled video and written messages, with several pictures of him posing with a gun," according to an April 19 Associated Press article.

Corny countdown critiques create condemning conduct

VH1 is a television network notorious for making notoriously bad shows, complete with ridiculous, punned titles. One genre of its faux-reality shows is countdowns - the network sets up critics to countdown everything from Oscar-worthy fashion statements to "awesomely bad songs." I don't consider myself an excellent or even concerned judge of fashion, so my point of annoyance is at the music.In the countdown of the "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs ... Ever," different songs are ranked and their videos are aired along with critical commentary. From whom does the commentary come?

Statistics easily corrupted; fund students not programs

Americans love statistics - or at least numbers that give the appearance of statistics because, when interpreted and compiled into a concise form, it's...

Some relationships should end amicably, honestly

Today's news is filled with negativity - that's why many of us don't watch the nightly news anymore. All we ever hear about is murders, violence, burglaries and the like. We hope and pray we will never miss hearing about someone we know in a context like that. Nobody wakes up in the morning expecting to hear on the news that something tragic has happened to someone they know.Unfortunately, last week, something tragic did happen. March 26, a Keller woman was strangled by her husband.

Students should vote independently of societal cues

As the 2008 presidential elections approach, everyone is naturally beginning to examine his or her views on hot political issues. Especially for college students, many of whom will be voting in their first presidential election, voting will be an important part of their identifications as American citizens.

More importantly, first-time voters will establish their political views in a concrete setting because, when it comes down to the wire of the voting booth, they have to ultimately pick one candidate or the other.

Freedom sometimes less important than consumer protection

In the 21st century, freedom is the foundation upon which nearly all of our beliefs and ideals are built, but this freedom we crave may be more harmful than we realize.With concern about the war, we demand freedom of the press. With government budgets, we demand freedom of access. With controversial issues, our definitions of freedom may vary. For example, with abortion, some believe that freedom includes the right to choose and others believe it includes the right to live.

Put away the plastic: Smarter shoppers avoid credit

It's a little piece of plastic, no bigger than a folded dollar bill, but it carries a spending limit of potentially unlimited funds. It's the American consumer's dearest friend: the credit card.In 2004, there were 1.3 billion cards issued in the United States, and, in 2005, consumer debt reached $2.2 trillion, according to CreditCards.com. It seems that credit cards have taken over as the dominant form of payment and a convenient way to take out a seemingly harmless loan every time consumers shop.

Dorm socialization necessary aspect of college experience

Last semester, readers were bombarded with my complaints about being a commuter, only to find that the hidden message of the two-part expos‚ was to appreciate the small and simple joys in life. This semester, we've moved out of the house and things have gotten a little crazier.The two hours a day spent driving are better spent socializing with real people, rather than mumbling to the truck driver in the next lane. And eight-hour days with nowhere to rest were quickly getting old, so I moved on campus.

Humans should make efforts to control global warming

Last week, 18 months after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and its surrounding areas were hit by a tornado. In an Associated Press article, Mervin Pollard, whose mother's home was damaged in both disasters, asks "How do you start over again when you are already trying to do that?"How are some people so unfortunate that their homes are hit by deadly and devastating natural disasters twice in a two-year span, let alone once in a lifetime? Is it really all up to chance, fate and perhaps karma?

Be romantic, not over the top

With Valentine's Day nearly upon us, love is in the air - or at least marketers want us to think so. And not everyone is satisfied with the average teddy bear, box of chocolates or display of affection. Some people like to take it to the extreme, ranging from a publicized marriage proposal to attempted murder.As an aspiring psychologist, I'd like to offer a humorous psychoanalysis of the crazed lovers to soothe those who may feel scorned by St. Valentine and to ground those who will be spending the day on cloud nine.

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