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Stealing movies, music shows generation’s lack of respect

"Pirates of the Caribbean," one of the most popular movies today, may have taken the world by storm, but there's another kind of pirating that has everyone from college students to studio executives scrambling to their lawyers.Instead of flashy jewelry, gaudy clothes and an eye patch to match, the weapons of choice for today's pirates are a laptop and file-sharing program, like Kazaa or LimeWire. Peer-to-peer file sharing has become wildly popular since the first days of Napster.

High-fashion handbags bring along heavy burden

With the new year in full swing, many orders of business fall upon our shoulders. Aside from resolutions we may not keep and weather predictions from a groundhog, the heaviest of those orders are high-fashion handbags.A fashion accessory trend that began with designer labels and recognizable patterns has snowballed into a larger-than-life craze. Handbags that used to designate an extreme awareness of fashion, such as Dooney & Bourke and Coach, are now worn by a large number of women.

Real world not something to be feared after college

"This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped." This is "The Real World." But this definition of the notoriously feared chapter of our lives only works for those seven people. What is the real world for the rest of us? Because, aside from potluck dorm assignments, it is unlikely that any of us will live with strangers, let alone have our encounters filmed.

Take steps to learn more

What does it take to truly learn something from a class? What is the final factor of whether we gain knowledge from three or four hours of credit?Learning is being able to literally take away with you something from the other people and resources. Learning is not memorizing facts, spitting them out and then forgetting them. It is about discovering something about yourself or learning more about the social interactions around you. When you study a subject to develop yourself in any way, you are learning.

Honor code motivates honesty

In the past months, the Student Government Association has been working with an honor code task force to formulate a specialized TCU honor code. This is not the first time an effort of this sort has been made: three years ago, SGA created the Integrity Council to serve the same purpose, but unfortunately, its efforts and those that came after it were unsuccessful.In an Oct. 13 Skiff article, task force Chairwoman Ambika Sharma claimed that one of the reasons previous efforts may have failed is a lack of student interest and support.

Vegetarian lifestyle has more options

In today's fashion-forward, weight-conscious market, there are countless diets available. But before South Beach was discovered and before Atkins put pen to paper, there was the vegetarian diet.Like any diet, there was a time when being a vegetarian was seen and used to get attention and a way for people to form their identities. Today, vegetarianism has evolved into an environmentally aware habit, and I think it's safe to say, the "tree-hugging" perception has been put to rest.

There are essentially two ways to cut meat out of your diet: as a vegetarian and as a vegan.

Ranking school colors fruitless; fans’ loyalty lies within hearts

All college athletic departments should be on alert - the fashion police have veered off the runway and onto the field. Nobody wants to be subject to brutal criticism of their outer fa‡ade, but lately it seems one writer has had it in for the men who strut their stuff on the gridiron.As most students at TCU are probably aware of by now, at the beginning of the football season, Associated Press writer Nancy Armour deemed TCU's purple and white the second ugliest color combo in the nation, only behind the green and yellow of the Oregon Ducks.

View problematic situations as glass half-full scenarios

Opinion writers can't help but step on people's toes sometimes - crushing readers with strong views. For example, in my last article, I'd imagine I left a few mama's boys and daddy's girls longing to sit down for a home-cooked meal with their families. And I'm sure I annoyed students who haven't been home since the semester began with my ingratitude for seeing my family and the comfort of my own bed on a daily basis.

Commuting takes too much time

Half a semester into the experience of a college student and finally my woes of being a commuter are about to burst. For the sake of not knowing where to start, I'll just start at the beginning of my day - three hours before class starts and at least one hour earlier than my classmates. What does this mean for me? An additional, and dreadful, 60 minutes alone to contemplate my thoughts as I get ready for school.

Fear of rejection keeps couples from openness in relationships

Ever since I wrote about our culture as a society of waiters and how technology has weakened our interpersonal relationships in my first Skiff article, I couldn't help but notice how this breakdown of communication transcends formal encounters to matters of the heart, often damaging our intimate relationships."Don't write about the same thing twice." That's the first thing your editor will tell you from the list of opinion article do's and don'ts. But sometimes, there are issues that affect so many of us so often they simply cannot be left alone.

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