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People should focus on own lives

Besides the obvious anticipation for my weekly column, last Wednesday was an important day. No, you didn't forget your mom's birthday or your parents' anniversary - but Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys was accused of attempting to commit suicide.It's always a curious thing anytime some big scandal makes headlines, speculation arises from the media's talking heads to make things sound more significant and imperative than they really are. But has anyone stopped to think of how crucial these happenings are to our everyday lives?

Campus chivalry alive

Most newspaper connoisseurs would deem the Cheers and Jeers section as something worthy of a high school or neighborhood newspaper - not a reputable university paper such as the one we know as the Daily Skiff. But in the days of songs that proclaim "chivalry is dead, but you're still kind of cute," I feel the responsibility to qualify this statement with a cheer to the TCU men and to say that chivalry isn't dead.That's right, girls. For once I am going to commend them rather than get mad they didn't bring more of their male friends to school with them.

Campus cliques separate students

Remember the days of "Sesame Street" teaching us our ABCs? Everyone knows the tune "next time won't you sing with me?" But in any college where Greek life prevails, that's out the door - and in prances Alpha, Beta, and Chi.Freshmen are forced to learn the alphabet again, given the prevalence of Greek life on campus. Every other car has a bumper-sticker that associates the drivers with one group or another, and a majority of people wear at least one Greek T-shirt a week.

Stop waiting, take action

Analytical skills are at the top of the list of "must-know" information for today's students.In high school, our teachers were always complaining that we didn't analyze our reading material enough. But has the push for society to read into everything spilled over into our social lives?

I'm sure most of the male population would scream, "Yes! Girls analyze everything." But, in our defense, the circumstances around us are what have caused us to become this way.

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