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Center helps bridge education gap

  The nation's urban schools are suffering. Education, one of the elements that form the foundation for a stable society, isn't equal for children in...

Moving Wright to Dallas stifles opportunity

In the face of controversy, TCU is shying away.

The university has distanced itself from the Brite Divinity School's efforts to bring the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to TCU, voting to move the event involving the controversial pastor off campus.

Many of the comments by Barack Obama's Chicago pastor are certainly offensive, but should be tolerated for an optional event on a college campus. TCU and Brite have both made it clear already they don't endorse his comments anyway.

Poll workers deserve caucus voice

Citing high voter turnout in the rest of the country and down-to-the-wire races for both major political parties, many Texas officials anticipated the higher-than-normal voter turnout in Tuesday's primaries.

This led the Texas Secretary of State's office to issue a memo Feb. 15 with a list of protocols for election judges and clerks to follow to deal with the flood of Texans at the polls.

Disappearance of kitchens limits real-world experience

Most residence hall kitchens will be disappearing soon, administrators said.

That means undergraduate students outside of the Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments won't have access to a kitchen. Even shared kitchens in residence halls are on the way out, said Craig Allen, director of Residential Services.

Allen said the move away from residence hall kitchens is in response to safety concerns.

There are certainly legitimate safety concerns present, but the repercussions of this move are significant for on-campus residents.

Longer library hours help students

The library is going 24/5.

Beginning next semester, students will have 24-hour access to the library on weekdays.

It's a request students have been making for the last three to four years, said Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs.

Administrators also noted a marked increase in library use, something they attribute to more students living on campus.

School’s namesake plans retirement

The namesake of the Schieffer School of Journalism said Tuesday that he plans to step down as moderator of CBS's "Face the Nation" next...

The game of TCU

Options after college are neverending. From law school, to full-time jobs, to starting life from scratch, so many things can be done in the real world with a college education. Even though it can be expensive, at least reality was delayed four years while playing LIFE at TCU.

To check out the game board, click below:

SGA presidential veto justified

The Student Government Association overstepped its bounds.The Student House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday asking KTCU FM 88.7 "The Choice" to reinstate its jazz programming.

Fortunately, Jace Thompson, student body president, vetoed the resolution Wednesday.

Thompson recognized what those who voted for the bill should have - it's simply not SGA's place to police other organizations on campus, and allowing the bill to go through would set a dangerous precedent.

Editor’s Note

Thursday's front page photo of a student walking by a "For Rent" sign was staged by the photographer.It's the Skiff's policy not to intentionally...
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