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Republicans balk at healthcare’s costs, principle

When asked at his inaugural press conference to comment on the Congressional Budget Office's prediction that repealing the health care overhaul would expand the...

Pope’s infalibility subject to question

Aside from confusion, there was also a sigh of relief from many Roman Catholic reformers and groups working to combat HIV when Pope Benedict...

Attack on Iran thwarted by financial and material costs

Noble though it may be, an oppressive dictator in and of itself does not necessitate invading another country. Such a feeble argument would never...

Private intelligence companies capable of more success

A July investigative report from The Washington Post entitled "Top Secret America" detailed a problem with American intelligence. The investigation explains that in this...

Anti-Muslim acts are dangerous

It certainly does not take a person of extraordinary intellectual capability to notice that having an International Burn the Koran Day on the ninth anniversary of Sept. 11 would be more than just a bad idea. To my knowledge, there is no institution, public figure or church other than the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla. that supported this event. Thus, I'll trust the reader does not need an explanation of why burning Qurans is a bad way to spend his or her Saturday evening.

Obtaining peace between conflicting ideologies will win War on Terrorism

Although it receives less media attention than the two wars in the Middle East, the "War of Ideas' 8212; the struggle over the ideology...

Iran’s nuclear proliferation does not lead to an optimistic future

Only a religious maniac would simultaneously call for the destruction of Israel while building a nuclear program, but this is the case with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The consequences of a nuclear Iran however would not only threaten the existence of our Jewish allies, but subjugate the rest of the Middle East to the volition of an atomic bully. Any effort to establish a stable, pro-American government in Iraq or Afghanistan would be confronted by a nuclear enemy, as would any Israeli retaliation against the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas.

Drug industry ails the consumer

The pharmaceutical industry poses quite a conundrum to the free-market system. Americans generally agree that government intervention is, to say the least, inefficient. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception. In fact, America remains as the only advanced nation that does not allow the government to negotiate prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, as it is done in Canada and Europe. Although the government cannot directly lower the prices of prescription drugs through negotiation, the pharmaceutical industry is not entirely free from government intervention.

Religious teaching in public high schools should include the Koran

Texas Legislature House Bill 1287, which makes all Texas high schools offer an elective on "religious literature, including the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and New Testament, and its impact on history and literature," will become effective for the 2009-2010 school year. Never mind whether the bill violates separation of church and state, but consider that if Texas is going to teach dogma in high school, it should choose the Koran instead of the Bible.

Letter to the Editor: Music industry not universal sample of country’s...

Andrew Weatherford's Feb. 11 column, "Pop culture a reflection of immoral society," makes the argument that Britney Spears' music is a reflection of society's moral status. I could not disagree more.

Using Spears as a barometer for our nation's moral status is just as asinine as lumping the entire music industry together as one moral sampling. Spears' new single "If U Seek Amy" is a reflection of something else - limited musical ability and lack of depth as a human being.

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