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Silence really is golden for Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Artist’

When the phrase “silent film” is heard, most people grumble and complain. To many, silent film means gritty black-and-white, obnoxious overacting, silly slapstick comedy,...

‘Paranormal Activity 3’ delivers expected thrills

I can’t help but imagine the pre-production process on a film like Paranormal Activity 3. I can imagine the writer, director, producer and the...

“Ides of March” has standouts, but takes few risks

Historically, the Ides of March refers to March 15, 44 B.C. when Roman emperor Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate...

New movie ’50/50′ provides plenty of laughs, tears

50/50 is an alternately hilarious and tear-jerking tale of a twenty-something diagnosed with cancer. At its most basic, it is a success both as...
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